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Only The Strongest

Jul 25, 2019

#48.  The style episode.  Fashion advice to help you look good while you kick ass and take names.  Varal hates boxers, Azul hates sweaty people, Bonzinho hates no one, and Sucão hates the Bible.  Plus we jump to conclusions about a cordless student we read about on the internet.

Jul 18, 2019

#47. Today we talk about the idea of lineage in capoeira.  Bonzinho leads the charge, Varal wants to tell people they're wrong but can't, Sucão pushes the others to define "silly," and Azul struggles to pronounce "ip man." 

Jul 11, 2019

#46.  We take a step out of our own thoughts and go over a few questions we've had from listeners.  Bonzinho takes one from the team with the movement mola, all four of us give questionable advice about keeping your knees safe and what to do when you get in a turf war.

Jul 5, 2019

#45.  Our friend and former training partner Fome joins us for a discussion on power structures in capoeira.  We learn about Fome's antiquated language, Azul's flying car, Varal's cluelessness, and how to interpret the actions of one particular guy at a weekend roda in the context of power.