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Only The Strongest

Jun 27, 2019

#44.  This one's for the studio owners out there (and anyone who might be teaching).  We discuss the two-for-one nature of parking lots (additional studio space for batizado workshops?), picking off the lonely, friendless prospects, doing handsprings in the street, and adding a dollar to the cost of every class.

Jun 20, 2019

#43.  The article that inspired this episode:

We present to you a story of international politics, of medical care gone awry, of presidents and paupers, of Cuban doctors in Brazilian courts.  We attempt to dissect how a...

Jun 13, 2019

#42.  Not the answer to the big questions, just another day in the podcast life.

Required viewing (20secs only, promise)

The first episode of the rest of our lives. We're back from our summer break with a tighter, leaner, meaner OTS. We're...