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Only The Strongest

Nov 26, 2018

Is armada the worst kick in the world?  Azul certainly thinks so.  We get us a good ol' fashioned debate between her and Sucão, who breaks down two different types of armadas in an effort to prove the kick's roda-worthiness.  

Part 2 is all about running a roda.  Broken knees, angry ex-girlfriends, and self-sufficiency...

Nov 19, 2018

Part 1 is hands-off with au sem mão, but we barely even get started before getting bogged down arguing what this move actually is.  Sucão and Azul debate the this move's ontological status - where's the upper body?  Are the legs over the head?  Bonzinho and Varal sit ringside with nothing helpful to say.

Part 2 is our...

Nov 12, 2018

OTS discusses the best spotlight move out there - amazonas.  We discover the snap, pop, and possibly crackle of this one-armed, upside down, posed martelo.

For Part 2 we're parting the curtain on how we hash out all of our theories.  OTS comin' atcha live.  Sucão introduces an idea he had about the relationship between...

Nov 5, 2018

In Part 1 we explore au de cabeça.  Can you break your neck?  How do you make a tripod?  Would Jodie Foster do an au de cabeça if you asked her?

Part 2 has us responding to a listener's email about our body types episode.  What does it mean to be successful in capoeira?  Is OTS too dismissive of people with...