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Only The Strongest

Oct 29, 2018

Our Halloween Special episode.  After much confusion regarding the existential status of our hosts, we hit the ground lurching with the terrifying origin story of capoeira.  Then Bonzinho administers a capoeira trivia game (cue much shame from your other hosts).  And Sucão finishes the day with a story of a peculiar,...

Oct 16, 2018

After 12 episodes, we've finally made it over to the ginga.  We all think of it as a move, but is it really just a transition?  Or is every move just a transition to the next move?  This podcast gets zen on yo ass we try to identify this mysterious animal called "ginga."

And that's the end of the harmony.  Part 2 brings...

Oct 8, 2018

In Part 1 we start off with some tips all about the atabaque.  As usual, Sucão takes it too far - his relationship with the atabaque is not PG13.

Part 2 has us discussing different ceilings in capoeira and how to slide around them.  We explore some self-imposed barriers like fear of the roda and whether you can be a...