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Only The Strongest

Aug 9, 2022

We've decided to embrace the sunga life and we'll be out for a little while. Back in a few weeks in early or mid September!

Jul 25, 2022

Find out what capoeira means today, and where it's at re self-respect, money, and gatekeeping. Bonzinho says no more music in capoeira, ever. Varal says there's more Portuguese in capoeira than jiujitsu. Azul respects the shit out of herself, and capoeira, and you too.

Jul 11, 2022

Our guide to the upcoming Brazilian 2022 election. All the madness of a US election but with that Brazilian twist. Fake investigations, real investigations, fake elections, real elections, fake covid, real peacock attacks...the list goes on.

Jun 28, 2022

Our friend and special guest Quebra Nos joins us to air some unpopular opinions. We debate whether teachers matter, if capoeira should have even more subdivisions, whose fault it is when you don't play at the batizado, and whether Bimba's sequences are still relevant.

Jun 13, 2022

All tunes all day today. Azul gives us a crash course on learning to sing and play the instruments (even if you fear and loath the music, like Varal). Then we hash out the top 3 best and worst capoeira songs. Spoiler: stop singing O Sim Sim Sim.

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